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Nov 20, 2020


Virtual Road to Laboratories of Democracy: The Role of Tech in the COVID-19 Response

Friday, November 20, 2020

On November 20, 2020, Aspen Germany will host the fourth event of its series “Virtual Road to the Laboratories of Democracy Initiative” to discuss the role of tech in the COVID-19 response. Break-out sessions will address opportunities for technological innovation in combating the health crisis, cybersecurity threats, and privacy concerns amid COVID-19.

How can technological innovations like AI, 3D printing, and big data support the COVID-19 response and recovery efforts? How has telemedicine evolved during the pandemic and will it permanently alter how medical practitioners provide care to patients? How are cybercriminals taking advantage of the current health crisis and how are governments, states, and the industry dealing with increased cyber vulnerabilities and risks? How can governments, companies and users guarantee that contact tracing apps, symptom monitoring technology, and other technologies are safeguarding hard won data protections?

Participants will identify best practices in Germany and the United States and discuss how these efforts can be advanced by state laws and policies


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