Virtual Kids Euro Festival 2020





Oct 17, 2020


Virtual Kids Euro Festival 2020

October 17 to November 29, 2020

Now in its 13th year, Kids Euro Festival is one of the largest performing arts festivals for children in America, bringing some of Europe's most talented children's entertainers to the nation's capital. With programs both for the general public and for school groups, more than 10,000 Washington DC-area children and their families enjoy Kids Euro Festival programs each year.

Visit the Germany blog for games, music, stories and more, and learn about the history of Kindergarten. In German, ’Kinder’ means ‘children’, while ‘Garten’ means ‘garden’. ‘Kindergarten’, therefore, means ‘a garden of, and for, children’. Nearly 200 years ago, a man named Friedrich Fröbel founded the first Kindergarten. His idea was to give young kids, who previously did not attend school, a place to learn and grow. In this spirit, we present to you a variety of digital activities for learning and discovery—as well as fun facts on Fröbel and Kindergarten!

Due to COVID-19, no in-person events will be held this fall in order to maintain the safety of performers and audiences. Instead Kids Euro Festival offers families all over the world access to an extended virtual festival with a full 6 weeks of online programming. As always, all programs are completely free!  Tune in for performances, concerts, workshops, movies, storytelling, puppetry, dance, and more.


European Union Delegation to the USA

European-American Cultural Foundation

The Carmel Cultural Endowment for the Arts

+ More than 30 cultural institutions in the Washington, DC area



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