Episode 41: Traditions & Holidays





Dec 15, 2020


Americans in Germany Drinking Whiskey: A Podcast for Expats & Those Who Love to Travel

--- Episode 41 - Traditions & Holidays ---

December 15 - 31, 2020

Most of us have traditions that are important to us and we try to keep alive. Some were taught to us by our family, some are from the culture around us and others are the traditions we create on our own. During this week’s episode, we discuss which traditions from our lives in the USA we’ve continued after moving to Germany and those new traditions we’ve adopted after arriving. To help us we have as our guest Mari Tischner, the host of the YouTube channel “Adventures of La Mari.” She is an American-Peruvian author from the USA currently living in southern Germany.

Alex and Geoff met in Berlin many years after each moved separately to Germany. In the summer of 2019, while enjoying some (many) beers at the Prater beer garden, their girlfriends gave them the absurd suggestion of creating a podcast. After some thought, they realized it might actually be a fun idea considering how much they both enjoy giving advice to other expats who've recently arrived in Germany. The last step was to make it unique from other "living abroad" podcasts that already existed. Whiskey was the answer.


Americans in Germany Drinking Whiskey



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