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Nov 24, 2020


The View from Berlin: A Conversation with Germany's Minister of Health

Tuesday, November 24, 2020, 12:00 PM ET

Germany's response to the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic propelled Berlin into a global leadership role, with many nations emulating its testing and transparent messaging strategies. But after a string of early domestic and international successes—including the re-opening of businesses and schools and Berlin's key negotiating role in the EU's historic relief agreement—Germany has gone back into lockdown amidst a second wave of rising infection caseloads.

As the second wave of the coronavirus rolls over Europe, Jens Spahn, Minister of Health of Germany, joins Aspen Strategy Group and Aspen Security Forum Director Anja Manuel to discuss key questions about the pandemic, including:

• How can the pandemic be understood as a catalyst for an updated German foreign policy?

• How is Berlin working with the U.S. and other allies to accelerate the development of an effective COVID-19 vaccine?

• What lessons should countries take from Germany's approach to managing the virus?

• What is Germany doing to mitigate the effects of the second wave of COVID-19 infections, and is it preparing for a possible third wave of infections in 2021?


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