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The German Studies Collaboratory





Feb 1, 2022


The German Studies Collaboratory

The German Studies Collaboratory is a virtual hub of resources for those interested in German language, art, culture, and history. The project offers links to existing materials found on the ‘net, including teaching resources, scholarly lectures, and research materials. At the center is an ethos of sharing, of professionalism and collegiality, of working through these challenging times together in the spirit of community. By promoting collaboration, be it contributing new materials, borrowing an idea, and sharing what we already have produced, the GSC hopes to model what critical, open and accessible knowledge production might look like.

The GSC is a repository of online resources. It features a Media Hub with guest lectures and webinars and soon hopes to feature short videos designed for the college classroom.

It also includes our Digital Hub with links to international library and archive collections, maps, images, sound, and text documents for use in research and in the classroom.

New innovations in pedagogy including assignment ideas, syllabi, teaching modules, and digital tools are available in the Teaching Hub for adaptation to courses of all levels.

It will also feature blog posts on various teaching, diversity, and research-related topics. Click Zeitnah to follow along.

Kindly supported by partnerships with the German Studies Association, the German Historical Institute in Washington DC, the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies, the Central European History Society, and the Diversity, Decolonization, and the German Curriculum collective, our goal is to provide online access to the best of scholarly work in the name of access, representation, diversity, and breadth. Have an idea, want to share? Contact the German Studies Collaboratory [here].




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