Rethinking Cities





Dec 1, 2020


Rethinking Cities: Smarter, Sustainable, More Livable Communities

Tuesday, December 1, 2020 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CET

According to the United Nations – Habitat, World Cities Report “…sustainable urbanization remains central to overall sustainable development by creating economic, social and environmental value that supports the fight against inequality, climate change and other global challenges.” It is critical, especially against the backdrop of the 2020 pandemic, to rethink and revisit the path forward to harness the power of cities as sustainable ecosystems that can create value towards building resilient communities, societies and economies at scale.

The rapid development of cities pose unique challenges at a time when urban areas worldwide are threatened by climate and environmental change. Given the current landscape – what are the varying technological, political and governance structures that cities need to explore in order to pave the way for sustainable growth? Will shifts in social and cultural behaviors be accounted for and ingrained in this growth? How can we make cities smarter and more sustainable using the latest technologies from renewable energy to smart grids? Be it moving towards more green mobility spaces, creating more walking and cycling paths, building public-private partnerships, development of local urban farms, crowd sourced solutions or increased accountability and transparency across funding and implementation.

In the one-hour live web-talk, Rethinking Cities will contribute to this ongoing dialogue by addressing issues of sustainability, smart technologies, governance, and design from the perspective of the communities that inhabit these spaces.


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