MSU/UMASS Amherst Campus Weeks Lecture Series

Peggy Piesche and Labor89


Oct 27, 2020


Oct 27, 2020

Oct 27, 2020


MSU/UMass Amherst German Campus Weeks Lecture Series: Peggy Piesche and Labor89

October 27, 2020, 3 PM EST

2020 marks the 30-year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the 30-year anniversary of German-German unification. Anniversaries such as these should provide an occasion to re-sort and realign collective memory, to renegotiate orientations and values. Remembrance culture must, therefore, remember more than just the social majority.  

The publication LABOR 89 offers intersectional perspectives on the period of reunification. In eight portraits, political activists from Black, POC and/or queer* feminist positions tell of social struggles for equality and self-determination. They explore the possibilities and limits of political participation, recall historical events, debates, actions and cross-community projects, filling the time between the mid-1980s and mid-1990s with their h*stories.


Michigan State University (German Studies, Global Studies, GenCen, CERES)

UMass Amherst (Program in German and Scandinavian Studies)

5 Colleges Community



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