Pandemic Management and Preparedness in Germany and the U.S.





Mar 24, 2021


Pandemic Management & Preparedness in Germany and the U.S.: Looking Forward

March 24, 2021, 10am PDT / 1pm EDT

We are delighted to present a panel discussion under the auspices of the German Embassy in Washington, D.C., with Professor Dr. Lothar Wieler, President of the German Robert Koch Institute, Loyce Pace, Global Affairs Director at the US Department of Health and Human Services, Dr. Stefan Oschmann, CEO of Merck KGaA Darmstadt and Richard Moscicki, M.D., Chief Medical Officer and Executive Vice President of Science and Regulatory Advocacy at PhRMA.

The event will be opened by Dr. Emily Haber, German Ambassador to the United States, and moderated by Professor Dr. Katharina Janus, Professor of Health Policy and Management at Columbia University.
It has been a year since the initial lockdowns across the world, including in Germany and in the U.S. Pandemic management and public health responses have differed greatly from country to country. Even though vaccines have been developed and manufactured in record time, neither Germany nor the U.S. have been able to move back to normalcy – yet. This panel will present the perspectives of the heads and leading experts of public health agencies and pharmaceutical companies on both sides of the Atlantic:

  • Where are we right now and what will the next 6-12 months hold?
  • How does the situation differ in Germany and the U.S. and what can we learn from each other?
  • How do we deal with the emergence of new variants?
  • Are the vaccination campaigns fast enough to prevent another surge?
  • What are the prerequisites for a return to normalcy?
  • What lessons can we learn from this pandemic in terms of preparedness?
  • How can we ensure that we will be better prepared for the next pandemic?
  • Has the pandemic created new avenues for transatlantic cooperation?

This event is part of a series jointly organized by the German Consulates in Boston and San Francisco together with the German American Business Council in Boston, and the German American Business Association in Northern California.
To view a recording of the first event “Vaccines in record time” click here.


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