Episode 35:

Making Friends With Germans





Dec 1, 2020


Americans in Germany Drinking Whiskey: A Podcast for Expats & Those Who Love to Travel

--- Episode 35 - Making Friends With Germans ---

December 1 - 15, 2020

This week's episode will focus on how expats can make connections with Germans and possibly create long lasting friendships. A lot of people who move abroad usually feel lonely and isolated when they first arrive. One of the first steps to making their new country a home is to connect with locals and find those you can spend time with. To help us, our guest is Shaun Behrens, the host of The Germany Experience Podcast. He moved to Germany many years ago from South Africa and lived in small German villages, not large cities full of other expats. Shaun has some insight into what will help you befriend Germans and what will result in a loud, “nein!”

Alex and Geoff met in Berlin many years after each moved separately to Germany. In the summer of 2019, while enjoying some (many) beers at the Prater beer garden, their girlfriends gave them the absurd suggestion of creating a podcast. After some thought, they realized it might actually be a fun idea considering how much they both enjoy giving advice to other expats who've recently arrived in Germany. The last step was to make it unique from other "living abroad" podcasts that already existed. Whiskey was the answer.


Americans in Germany Drinking Whiskey



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