Jürgen Hardt visits the Digital Wanderbus





May 27, 2021


Jürgen Hardt visits the Digital Wanderbus

May 27th

The Bundestag Member Jürgen Hardt (CDU) will meet with American students from Stuyvesant High School in New York and German students from Wilhelm-Gymnasium in Hamburg via Zoom as a part of the Digital Wanderbus. On the occasion of the German Bundestag elections in September 2021, this event is the perfect opportunity to ask direct questions about German politics, discuss the US-German relationship, and learn more about current political topics.

Before the meeting with Jürgen Hardt, the students will visit the Digital Wanderbus. The Digital Wanderbus transports all the wonderful opportunities to learn about Germany and German as a foreign language into the virtual world. The Digital Wanderbus features a 3D world where teachers and students can dive into a variety of topics, including politics, digitalization, climate change, sustainability, German culture, and science. And of course, the Digital Wanderbus will offer lots of games and fun ways to learn about Germany as well.  

Students and teachers will be invited into our 3D Wanderbus World where they can explore several interactive work stations, take part in live sessions with politicians and other celebrities & get in touch with fellow students from the other side of the Atlantic.


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