ICH BIN EXPAT Virtual Conference





Nov 3, 2021


ICH BIN EXPAT Virtual Conference

November 3 - 6, 2021

Moving to the U.S. is easy - or isn’t it? Moving and adjusting to life in the U.S. is often underestimated, but the culture shock can be quite real! There is a lot more to learn and adjust to than most people expect…

The solution?

The ICH BIN EXPAT Virtual Conference is the one-stop-destination for German-speaking expats who are moving to or living in the United States.

The unique 4-day event supports and educates anyone from newly arriving expat to long-term resident while adapting to a new professional and home environment. More than 50 experts and service providers offer their insights and tips to make your transition and expatriate time the best possible experience for you and your family.

Day 1: Moving & Repatriation

Day 2: Legal, Financial, Immigration & Insurance

Day 3: Working in Amerika (Expat & Spouse)

Day 4: Family, Spouse Support, Education, Childcare

The event is co-hosted by the German American Chamber of Commerce in New York and supported by many other business associations and organizations in our community.

When: November 3-6, 2021

What: 50+ Presentations, Workshops, and Interviews Q&A Sessions, Networking Events

Registration: www.ichbinexpat.com

Group tickets are available for corporations and organizations (20 or more tickets). Please email gabi@heimatabroad.com for more information.




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