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Sep 16, 2021


Goethe Pop Up Online Book Klub: Maxim Biller's SECHS KOFFER

September 16, 2021, 7:00PM (PDT) | 10:00PM (EDT)

Join Goethe Pop Up Seattle at our September book club meeting! Register [here] to receive Zoom access info.

The book club is free and open to everyone interested, but participants must purchase the individual texts themselves and are expected to have read the title to be discussed prior to the meeting.

PLEASE NOTE: This month's selection is available only in German. We recommend ordering the book far in advance to ensure it arrives on time from Germany. The discussion will be in English.

Sechs Koffer is also available in digital formats; borrow the eBook or audiobook from the [Goethe-Institut's eLibrary], or purchase either from online retailers.

About the August selection:

Sechs Koffer (GERMAN ONLY) By Maxim Biller

208 pp

When the patriarch in a Russian-Jewish émigré family is executed in the midst of the Cold War, family loyalties are put to the test and dark secrets are unravelled in an accomplished and compelling story dealing with enduring themes of trust, betrayal and personal freedom. After he is denounced and executed in the Soviet Union in 1960, the patriarch’s entire family falls under suspicion. The novel switches between Prague, Zurich, Moscow and Hamburg, incorporating the perspectives of seven different relatives as they navigate the web of secrets and lies that binds them together, struggling to reconcile themselves to the turbulent events within their family circle. This literary tour de force interweaves tales of the Soviet secret service, the history of Czech postwar cinema, and accounts of Communist anti-Semitism.

Questions? Send an email to info-seattle@goethe.de.




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