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Sep 21, 2020


New German Teaching Online Resource: GETMAPP

Monday, September 21, 2020, 9:00 AM EDT

AATG is introducing the new German Teaching Materials and Planning Platform (GETMAPP) []. GETMAPP offers a new way to view materials: Standards-based, structured around levels, and accessible on almost any device. This project seeks to combine teacher comments with high-quality digital materials. German teachers can collaborate, communicate, and share their digital materials here. Best of all, no downloading to clog up your email or phone.

1. Materials can be shared with instructors and students.

2. This database can house almost any format .pdf .doc audio, video, image

3. All files can be viewed and displayed without downloading

4. This platform is digital accessible and works with almost any device (PC, MAC, Mobile, etc)

This platform presents an opportunity to think about what digital materials we share, and give us an opportunity to post new, up to date materials reflecting an accurate depiction of the German-speaking world. Along with using these resources, please think about what teaching materials you can offer to the project. Anyone can contribute! You can start by uploading some of your best, most up to date teaching materials! Our editors will sort the materials so they go to the best place to be used.

Upload links are provided here:

For K-12 instruction materials, (edited by Melanie Mello) click [here]

For undergrad instruction materials, (edited by Senta Goertler) click [here]

For all other materials, click [here]

As we expand, we also can offer SIGs and other groups the ability to curate their own sections of the database and utilize the strengths of this format. If you personally are interested in becoming a subject matter editor, please reach out to []! As many German teachers look for digital materials this year, we all have a chance to provide a fresh perspective in the German language classroom. I hope you will join us in helping to make this platform a success.




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