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German Cinema Now! Clarissa Thieme's WHAT REMAINS/RE-VISITED





Oct 28, 2020


Photo © Clarissa Thieme

German Cinema Now! Clarissa Thieme's "Was bleibt | Šta ostaje | What remains / Re-visited"

October 28, 2020, 5:00 PM PDT

Goethe Pop Up Seattle's monthly GERMAN NOW CINEMA! film series supports artistic works that amplify the plurality of voices and experiences to inspire public dialogue.

October's screening takes place online; please register in advance. All proceeds from tickets ($0-25) benefit Northwest Film Forum. The film is only available between 5-11pm PDT on 10/28 to viewers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

About the film:

WHAT REMAINS / RE-VISITED (Was bleibt | ta ostaje)

Germany | 2020 | 70 minutes | Bosnian/English with English subtitles

In 2008 und 2009, Clarissa Thieme traveled through Bosnia-Herzegovina and set up her camera in locations of 1990s war crimes, which resulted in the short film Was bleibt | Sta ostaje | What remains. Now she returns to these locations, setting up her camera in precisely the same spots, with two women carrying a still from the first film into the frame as a kind of performative act. It’s a process as simple as it is clever, revealing similarities and differences between 2009 & 2019. Almost in passing, the film expands into a reflection on the question of what visible and invisible traces a violent past leaves behind on a landscape and in people’s memories.

About the filmmaker:

Born in Oldenburg, Germany, Clarissa Thieme studied Media Art, as well as Cultural Studies, and Aesthetic Practice. Thieme works in the fields of film, photography, performance, installation, and text, combining documentary and fictional forms with a focus on the processes of memory, identity politics and strategies of translation. Her work includes Was bleibt/Šta Ostaje/What Remains (film, 30′, 2010), The Place We Left (film, 60′, 2012), Resort (film, 15′, 2013), Die DDR hat es nie gegeben/Appell (Video, 4′, 2016), Izmedzu Nas/Between Us (open archive project, ongoing), Weiter war nichts, ist nichts (installation series, ongoing), Vremeplov/Time Machine (installation & performance, 2017), Today is 11th June 1993 (film, 13′, 2018), Can't You See Them/POV (installation, 2018), Can’t You See Them? - Repeat. (film, 8′ as well as installation, 2019), and Was bleibt I Šta ostaje I What remains / Re-visited (film, 70’, 2020).




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