German Apprenticeship System


Oct 22, 2020


Oct 22, 2020

Oct 22, 2020


German Apprenticeship System as Model for Interagency Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship in California

October 22, 2020

Policy makers and industry representatives in California discuss German apprenticeship model as a successful career alternative for young students in the U.S. California governor Gavin Newsom addressed the goal to establish 500,000 earn-and-learn apprenticeships by 2029. In an increasingly global world, apprenticeships provide the education and training necessary to prepare young people for the jobs of the future. Newsom called for the “California Promise”, a new way of thinking about education as a lifelong pursuit in order to close the massive skills gap. The Interagency Advisory Committee on Apprenticeships was created in order to achieve this goal and to provide guidance and policy advice on apprenticeship matters. As a successful Dual Education Model (a combination of theory and hands-on-training) California recognizes the German apprenticeship system as a model from which the U.S. can learn and benefit.

As part of the Wunderbar Together Initiative, representatives of the German American Vocational Career Program (DIAG USA) are part of the committee work and uses German frame curricula in order to develop Minimum Industry Training Criteria that provide support to businesses and education providers interested in apprenticeship.


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