GAC 2021: The COVID Vaccine and the Barriers to Herd Immunity





Oct 24, 2021


German American Conference 2021 - The COVID Vaccine and the Barriers to Herd Immunity

October 24, 2021, 11:15 AM EST

The COVID pandemic has taken everyone by surprise, and keeps nations on their heels as new mutations continue to emerge. Through hard work and massive investments on the part of governments across the globe, a solution has been found: the mRNA and the vector vaccine. The first months of the vaccine campaigns have proven themselves to be phenomenally successful; vaccinated numbers were on the rise and infections rates were plummeting across the US and Europe. However, 8 months after the first vaccinations had been rolled out, immunization rates began to stagnate. This, coupled with the rise and spread of more virulent mutations, continues to make COVID a challenge to overcome. As policymakers, scientists, and doctors work to mitigate the effects of COVID-19, many are left asking themselves “How can we achieve herd immunity?”

In this moderated discussion, we invite leaders from both the United States and Germany to discuss the many barriers standing in the way of securing herd immunity and, perhaps more importantly, what we can do to overcome them.




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