GAC 2021: Brand New Forms of Political Participation





Oct 23, 2021


German American Conference 2021 - Brand New Forms of Political Participation

October 23, 2021, 11:45 AM EST

Climate change, migration, societal divisions, social systems, healthcare, the future of work digitization, peace and security. The many challenges of our time are complex and urgent – but they also provide enormous opportunities for shaping the future.

While many young people are interested in politics, only few are getting involved in traditional political structures because they do not feel represented. Both in Germany and the USA, society is becoming increasingly diverse, but our democratic institutions do not sufficiently reflect this shifted reality. They lack broad movements and new perspectives which put people before party to make governments more accountable and responsive to the needs of all.

How can parliaments tackle these rapid changes and shape the future with bold decisions? How can civil society actors and political parties join forces to foster innovation? How can diverse perspectives be included in political decision making? How can progressive ideas be developed to trigger a momentum for change? Innovative initiatives such as Brand New Bundestag and Brand New Congress hope to bring new impulses into politics and strengthen our democracies for the future. Join us to discuss some of the brand new forms of political participation needed in the 21st century. Check out the full list of speakers and sign in here:




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