GAA Strategic Doing





Jul 10, 2021


German-American Alumni Strategic Doing Workshop

July 10, 2021, 6:00 pm CET

This workshop will be hosted by trained Strategic Doing practitioners and is tailored to encourage pragmatic and close cooperation between different networks. Over the past several years our organizations have worked together in various capacities and grown together. Leadership from APPPs e.V., CBYX Alumni Association, German Fulbright Alumni Association, North American Bundestag Network and PPP Alumni e.V. will all participate in the workshop.

After increased cooperation during Wunderbar Together 2019/2020, we would like to solidify our collaboration, in order to ensure its long-lasting future. Strategic Doing is based on design thinking principles and agile cooperation. It encourages organizations to think concretely and practically in order to accomplish tasks efficiently and utilise all available resources. Each alumni organization should be represented by two people who will participate in the workshop, preferably those that are the most involved on cooperating with partners and implementing new initiatives in the organization. After establishing a plan during this workshop we will work for a month on completing small tasks to support our partnership and reconvene to discuss progress and analyze the effectiveness of this endeavour.




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