A Conversation with Ambassador Christoph Heusgen and Dr. Karen Donfried

The UN at 75


Sep 28, 2020


Sep 28, 2020


Reinforcing Multilateralism: The UN at 75

Monday, September 28, 2020, 10 AM EDT

75 years after its founding, the United Nations is undergoing a stress test with its underlying principal of multilateral cooperation. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic, international trade disputes, and rising nationalism across the globe all present critical challenges. Having profited significantly from its membership in international institutions, Germany has a profound interest in defending and reinvigorating multilateralism. Currently, the country is a non-permanent member of the Security Council and heads the E.U. presidency.

Ambassador Christoph Heusgen in conversation with Karen Donfried will discuss Germany’s ambitions to reaffirm the multilateral system, as well as the role of the transatlantic partnership for the future of multilateral cooperation.

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