CityX - Me, Chicago





Jun 1, 2021


CityX - Me, Chicago


Do you, or have you ever lived in Chicago? Do you love to draw? Join Chicagoans from across the city for CityX - Me, Chicago!

For almost a decade, artist Doris Graf has been staging the "CityX" participatory art project. So far, it has traveled to twelve global cities including Stuttgart and Ulm in Germany; Istanbul, Turkey; Havana, Cuba and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In each city, residents of all backgrounds- children, adolescents, and adults - are invited to draw their city. Guided by these drawings, Doris Graf develops a pictographic cityscape, to be shared alongside the original drawings, in an online publication and, where feasible, in local exhibitions. Independent of the languages spoken, drawing serves as a means of universal communication.

CityX stands for openness and diversity. The project invites citizens to participate, express themselves, and share. It is rooted in the conviction that in a pluralistic society, different, even incompatible beliefs and ways of life come together. Seeing access to art and to self-expression as a human right, the project aims to enhance a sense of community, civic agency, and belonging through arts-based engagement.

This year, CityX will take place in Chicago, as CityX - Me, Chicago, and will consist of four phases:

Phase 1: Drawing campaigns (June - July 2021)

For “CityX - Me, Chicago”, Chicagoans from across the city, long-time or recent residents, visitors or tourists, of any age or origin, are invited to creatively reflect, and draw a picture that showcases a personal, urban experience (Fig. 1-3).

Phase 2: Development of the cityscape in pictograms (July-September 2021)

Doris Graf will translate and condense participants‘ drawings into about 16 pictographic images (Fig. 4-5). Frequently repeating motifs are summarized in a single pictogram. Together, the pictograms will present the essence of the narratives participants have communicated through their images.

Phase 3: Digital Documentation (October 2021)

The entire project will be documented digitally, including details of its organization, photos of the drawing events, reproductions of individual participant drawings, stages of the development of the pictograms, and the final pictograms.

Phase 4: Publications (November - December 2021)

Drawings and pictograms (Fig. 3-5) will be published by Wunderbar Together and Doris Graf (, and on various social media platforms.

In previous projects, participants tended to focus on what they love, but also shared local problems and ideas for solutions and improvement. In this way, creative cooperation and concrete action may emerge from the work.

Want to participate? Download and print out the drawing worksheet to get started! When finished, please scan the drawing in .jpeg format (300 dpi, Letter Size) and email to

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