Azubis Go USA Virtual Program


Mar 12, 2021


Apr 24, 2021

Mar 12, 2021


Azubis Go USA Virtual Program Spring 2021

March 12 - April 24, 2021

The virtual program is designed for the group of German apprentices, who were selected for an in-person exchange to Georgia in spring of 2021. Due to the travel restrictions caused by the pandemic the Joachim Herz Foundation has designed a virtual exchange program for these participants in cooperation with the German Department of the Kennesaw State University. In addition to the German participants, selected KSU students will participate in the exchange program free of charge. The program encompasses courses in intercultural competence training, discussions with leading representatives of various U.S. companies, and talks by prominent speakers and experts. The program is limited to the already selected group of German apprentices and the KSU students, whose applications have been accepted.


Joachim Herz Foundation

Kennesaw State University

German American Chambers of Commerce

Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Culture

Hamburg Institute for Vocational Education and Training\

State Ministry of Culture of Lower Saxony

Berlin Senate Administration of Education, Youth and Family Affairs



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