Aspen Berlin AI Week:

Humanity Enabled: AI & the Great Economic Acceleration





Dec 7, 2020


Aspen Berlin AI Week: “Humanity Enabled: AI & the Great Economic Acceleration”

December 7 - 11, 2020

The Aspen Institute Germany will hold its third annual AI Conference over the course of one week from December 7-11, 2020. During the Aspen Berlin AI Week, participants from across the world will come together in a virtual setting for discussion formats including keynotes, two-on-one conversations, panel discussions, and seminars taking place in both English and German.

The triple crises in 2020 represent a stress test for societies, economies and governments around the globe. The impact of COVID-19 is speeding-up current technological and societal trends; blurring the lines between home and work; highlighting income, social, racial, and inter-generational inequalities; and further polarizing politics.

At the same time, AI/ML tools can play an important role in helping combat not only the current crises, but also the many challenges ahead. In the midst of these developments, the EU – under the German Council Presidency – has put the issue of digital sovereignty at the top of its agenda. This conference will dive deeper into the debate around key policy questions and the economic risks and opportunities of AI.

What lessons has the pandemic taught us about global AI dynamics? How will companies and societies manage increased pressure amid the race for AI technologies? How have labor markets and educational institutions responded to these developments? Will massive tech-driven productivity gains require changes to prevailing social and economic programs?

We will explore these and more questions with top policymakers, innovators, philosophers, academics, and representatives from business, media, and civil society at #AspenAI20.


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