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Americans in Germany Drinking Whiskey





Nov 27, 2020


Americans in Germany Drinking Whiskey: A Podcast for Expats & Those Who Love to Travel

This podcast series follows Alex and Geoff, two Americans living abroad in Berlin, Germany. With very different backgrounds - a kindergarten teacher and a filmmaker - they have both experienced the positive changes that come with immersing yourself in a new culture. During  the series they discuss in detail the experience of living in Germany as expats, give advice to those who are hoping to make a move beyond their own borders and share plenty of funny stories that will help give insights into what life is like in the "land of beer and sausage". Episodes include topics such as: dispelling myths about Germany, the difficulties of learning a new language, the main cultural differences between the USA and Germany, and more! On occasion, special guests join the pair to help give them a unique perspective on that week’s topic. For added fun, each episode features Alex and Geoff testing a bottle of whiskey they’ve never tasted before. Hence, they are quite literally Americans in Germany drinking whiskey. The AGDW Podcast can be found on all popular podcast listening platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, Google Podcasts, and many others.


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Americans in Germany Drinking Whiskey



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