A New White House - A New Foreign Policy?





Dec 9, 2020


A New White House - A New Foreign Policy? Assessing President-Elect Biden's Plan for Europe and Beyond

December 9, 2020, 11 AM - 12 PM EST / 17 - 18 PM Central European Time

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The foundation of the European - U.S. partnership rests on a bedrock of mutual commitment to the values critical to our long-standing democratic projects - individually on each side of the Atlantic, as well as how they are intertwined. This underlying foundation has shown once again that despite lapses in commitment or attention, the transatlantic partnership endures, remaining resilient and vibrant. When cooperation at the federal and supranational level faltered, the United States and Europe remained linked through strong and vocal efforts on the part of civil society, the private sector, legislative bodies, a free and independent press, and the arts. Like assessing a building after a harsh storm, it is now essential to take stock of the real damage that has come from the recent lapse of U.S. commitment to our shared values of freedom, fairness, and mutual respect. In order to move forward - together - we must see the opportunity that this stress test has provided in order to operationalize President-elect Biden’s call to “Build Back Better.” What bridges can the new administration, together with Germany and Europe, (re-)build for a steadfast and sustainable relationship?


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