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Wunderbar Together

Wunderbar Together is dedicated to promoting the close friendship between Germany and the US, rooted in deep historic ties, shared values, and bold visions for the future. The transatlantic partnership ushered in a unique era of peace, freedom, and security after the end of World War II. This solid bond remains even more important today with the goal of maintaining peace and security in Europe and around the world. To this day, the United States remains Germany's closest partner outside Europe.

People are at the heart of Wunderbar Together. In all of our events and projects, we seek to intensify dialogue between Americans and Germans about the importance of this relationship and how we can shape it for the future. As we are facing common challenges, we must continue to build new and stronger bridges across the Atlantic.

In 2019, we worked with 500 partners to bring over 2,800 events to more than 560 locations in all 50 states during theDeutschlandjahr - Year of German-American Friendship. Since 2020, we've built upon these partnerships and are creating opportunities for dialogue with new events and projects. Our event calendar serves as a central hub for German-American friendship in the US.

The events on our German-American Event Calendar paint a picture of everything German-American relations stand for, including science, art, culture, language, business, and sports. We seek to create an exchange of ideas with Americans in all 50 states and look forward to making new friends across the country.

Wunderbar Together is a comprehensive and collaborative initiative funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and implemented by the Goethe-Institut.


Matthias Fischer

Project Director

Christoph Mücher

Director Emeritus


Johannes Ebert

Secretary General of the Goethe-Institut

Emily Haber

German Ambassador to the United States


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